What You Should Know About Linking Back Pain to a Savannah Car Crash

man suffering from back painCar accidents are sudden and often traumatic events that can leave victims dealing with various injuries. Among the most common and debilitating of these injuries is back pain.

Below, Roden Law discusses more about how victims may have back pain after a car crash, types of back pain and the challenges of linking back pain to a car crash.

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Why Do I Have Back Pain After a Car Crash?

The force exerted on your body during a collision can cause serious injuries and make your existing medical issues much worse. Common reasons for back pain after an accident include:

  • Whiplash: This is a neck injury due to a forceful, rapid back-and-forth movement of the neck, often resulting in pain that radiates to the back.
  • Herniated Discs: The impact of a crash can cause the soft cushions (discs) between the vertebrae to rupture or slip out of place, leading to significant pain and discomfort.
  • Muscle Strain: The sudden jolt can strain the muscles and ligaments in your back, causing soreness and stiffness.
  • Fractures: Severe accidents can lead to spinal fractures, which are extremely painful and can cause long-term complications.
  • Soft-Tissue Injuries: Sudden impact can cause strains and sprains in the muscles or tendons in the lower back area. These injuries lead to muscle spasms, weakness and inflammation.
  • Lumbar Fractures: Some car crash victims suffer fractures when their bodies are thrust forward while the seat belt holds the lower body in place, leading to severe back pain.

Types of Back Pain from a Car Crash

Understanding the type of back pain you are experiencing is crucial for proper diagnosis and treatment. Some common types of back pain resulting from car accidents include:

  • Acute back pain: This type of pain comes on suddenly and is often sharp. It can be linked to a specific injury or trauma.
  • Chronic back pain: If your pain persists for weeks or months, it may be classified as chronic. This type of pain can be more challenging to treat and may require long-term management.
  • Radiating pain: Also known as radiculopathy, this pain travels from the back to other areas, such as the legs, due to nerve compression or damage.
  • Localized pain: Pain that is confined to a specific area of the back, often where the injury occurred.
  • Facet joint pain: The facet joints in the spine can become inflamed or injured during an accident. Depending on the affected area, some victims may feel sharp lower back pain.
  • Nerve entrapment: Nerves can get compressed or trapped, resulting in shooting or burning pain along the nerve pathway.

What Are Some of the Challenges of Linking Back Pain to a Car Crash?

Proving your back pain was caused by the crash can be a significant hurdle. Insurance companies and defense attorneys may argue that your pain is due to preexisting conditions or unrelated incidents.

Some of the challenges in linking back pain to a car crash include:

Delayed Symptoms

Back pain may not be immediately apparent after the accident. It can take days or even weeks for symptoms to manifest, making it harder to establish a direct connection. That means you will not report the pain right after the crash. This leaves room to question whether back pain has another cause besides the crash.

One way to help protect your claim is to report back pain as soon as it happens. Your treatment records can help support the delayed appearance of back pain.

Getting treatment for back pain right away is also important for your recovery. Some injuries may get worse over time if you do not seek treatment right away.

Preexisting Conditions

If you had back issues before the accident, the opposing side might argue that the crash did not cause your current pain. They may say your symptoms are due to preexisting conditions instead of your injuries from the crash. To address this, detailed medical records and expert testimony are vital to verify that the collision caused your back pain.

Lack of Medical Attention

If you did not seek medical care right after the accident or have skipped doctor’s appointments it may be challenging to link your injuries to the car crash. Inconsistent treatment can create doubt about the severity of your injuries, causing insurance companies to argue that your pain is unrelated to the accident.

If you do not follow through with treatment that your doctor recommended, the insurance company may think that your injuries are not serious.

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