About Us

We understand that a serious injury can cause emotional, physical and financial hardship. If you have suffered an injury due to another’s negligence or recklessness, you need to contact Roden Law right away.

You may have legal rights that entitle you to compensation, but you have only a limited amount of time to file a claim seeking the financial pay that is owed to you. Contact our Personal Injury lawyers today for a free, no-obligation consultation. We do not get paid unless you obtain compensation.

We are Dedicated to Helping Injury Victims

Roden Law was founded by Eric L. Roden and Tyler M. Love in 2013. From day one, we have been solely focused on representing injury victims. The goal of our firm is to provide representation to individuals who are injured because of another’s actions.
Our team of personal injury attorneys has earned a strong reputation within the legal community

Because our firm is relatively small, we are able to provide personal attention to every client we represent. At larger firms, cases are often processed quickly and impersonally, reducing their value and leaving clients feeling more like a number than a person who deserves world-class representation during a trying time. Our guarantee is that when you call Roden Law, we will personally discuss your claim to get a better understanding of your unique situation.

Our Commitment to You

  • We tirelessly work to secure the best outcomes for our clients.
  • We always remain consistent in our pursuit of justice.
  • We realistically explain how we can help you with your case.
  • We place a high priority on keeping our clients informed at every stage of their case, from the initial intake, all the way to settlement or trial.

At Roden Law, our injury attorneys are not afraid to do what it takes to help you obtain the maximum compensation you deserve, even if it means taking your case to trial. Although most cases reach a satisfactory settlement pre-trial, some require a jury to obtain the justice our clients deserve. If this is the case in your claim, you can rest assured we will advise you of all available options and will only do what is in your best interest. We will fight tirelessly on your behalf both in and out of the courtroom.

We Do Not Get Paid Unless You Do

At Roden Law, we understand that you may be wary of hiring an attorney to represent you in your case. Sometimes hiring a lawyer can seem like a gamble as many believe they could be stuck paying attorney’s fees regardless of whether they get a settlement. We want to eliminate that uncertainty. That is why we only work on contingency. This means we will collect our payment out of a percentage of your settlement or verdict. If you do not receive any money, neither do we. This ensures we have the utmost motivation to maximize recovery in every case we handle while allowing you to have peace of mind. Our sole purpose is to make this difficult time in your life as easy and worry-free as possible.

If you have been injured, contact us right away. We are always happy to answer questions about your case and offer free case evaluations for all potential clients.