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Your brain is one of the five vital organs needed for survival. Your brain is essentially the headquarters for everything that goes on in your body. The brain sends and receives messages from other organs through the nervous system. The brain controls our thoughts, memory and perception of the world. This is why brain injuries can be so devastating and can result in permanent or long-term health problems, from headaches and seizures to personality changes and a permanent vegetative state. When these injuries are the result of someone else’s negligence, victims may be able to take legal action to obtain compensation that can help pay for medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages caused by the injury.

Our Brunswick brain injury lawyers are prepared to review your situation in a free, no obligation legal consultation. We can determine the potential value of your damages and whether you have grounds for a lawsuit against someone else over your injury. We take these cases on a contingency fee basis, which means we do not bill you for our services unless you receive compensation at the end of the legal process, through a settlement or jury verdict.

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How Long Do I Have to Pursue Compensation?

You must file a brain injury lawsuit within two years of the injury occurring, otherwise you will lose the right to file a claim. Even if you file a claim, it will likely be thrown out when you go to court because the statute of limitations has passed. The statute of limitations is the law saying you have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit.

A common mistake injury victims make is assuming two years is a long time. This causes them to wait to contact an attorney, using up time the attorney could spend investigating and building a case. It is better to contact a lawyer as soon as you think you may have grounds for a lawsuit.

This is true even if you are pursuing insurance compensation – your insurance claim may not be successful, and if that happens the next move is to file a lawsuit. We will be prepared to file a lawsuit before time runs out, even as we pursue insurance compensation.

The sooner you contact a Brunswick personal injury lawyer, the sooner he or she can start working on your claim. We represent brain injury victims who were injured as a result of various accidents, from car crashes and truck accidents to slip and fall injuries and boating crashes. Your consultation is free and comes with no obligation, so contact us today to discuss your possible legal options.

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What is a Brain Injury Claim Worth?

Our attorneys will pursue compensation for all the damages you suffered, particularly your medical expenses for treatment of your injury. This includes surgeries, prescription medications, psychological counseling, modifications to your home to accommodate mobility problems, and medical imaging tests, among many other expenses.

We can also pursue compensation for wages you lost when you could not work, and loss of earning capacity if your brain injury creates cognitive limitations that make you unable to do the work you used to do and must go into a different field.

The effects of physical and emotional pain and suffering from your injury cannot be overstated. You could have a different personality and suffer with depression or anger management issues. These are the types of things we often hear about from former professional football players who have brain injuries because they were hit in the head a lot. You could also struggle to sleep and deal with pain from persistent headaches.

Brain injuries can also result in changes in your relationship with your spouse. You may be unable to engage in the same kind of sexual relationship that you did before your injury. Brain injury victims may also struggle to help out around the house and with child care.

It is very important to hang onto bills and receipts related to your medical treatment and document the pain and suffering you are experiencing. Make sure to tell your doctors about these things as well so doctors will make a note of it. Documentation and evidence of your damages are crucial if you want to receive compensation for the full value of your damages.

Our Brunswick brain injury attorneys can explain other important things you need to know to gather evidence and document what you are going through after a brain injury. We know memory loss is a common problem among brain injury victims. Do not worry if you are struggling to remember details about your accident or the effects of your injuries. Our attorneys will launch a thorough investigation, including interviews with family and friends, witnesses to the accident and reviewing medical records. We can also consult brain injury experts to determine all the ways your injury is affecting you and how the injury is linked to the accident.

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Types of Brain Injuries

We represent victims of many different kinds of brain injuries that cause serious health problems. Contact us today to discuss what happened, the symptoms you are experiencing, and your legal options moving forward.

Some of the common types of brain injuries include:


This is the result of a blow to the head that causes the brain to hit the walls of your skull or a blow that causes a sudden acceleration and deceleration of the brain. Concussions are a frequent injury in contact sports like football. They can also occur in soccer.

Sometimes a concussion results in a temporary loss of consciousness, but sometimes concussions occur without a loss of consciousness. People can suffer temporary memory loss and feel nauseous, have headaches and struggle to walk around due to poor muscle coordination and trouble with balance.


A blow to the head could result in bleeding in your brain tissue, also known as an intracerebral hemorrhage. If this is not treated, pressure can build up in the brain, resulting in further injury. Blood spilling into the brain causes certain areas of the brain to be deprived of oxygen-rich blood, which is also called a stroke.

Diffuse Axonal Injury

This can be caused by sudden acceleration or deceleration of the brain in the skull. This could occur in a motor vehicle accident, a fall or as a result of a sports injury.

The sudden acceleration or deceleration causes lesions on the brain. Brain cells can also die and cause swelling in the brain. All of this results in increased pressure in the brain, which can decrease blood flow.

Sometimes this injury results in a loss of consciousness for several hours. It can lead to lifelong brain damage and possibly even death.

Penetrating Injury

This type of injury happens when an object penetrates the skull and brain. This can result in extensive bleeding, blood clots, disruption of the oxygen supply to the brain and possibly other side effects. Doctors need to review whether it makes sense to remove the object, as removing it could result in worsening the bleeding.

Victims of these injuries may require numerous surgeries and other treatments to attempt to restore brain function.

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Symptoms to Watch for After a Brain Injury

If you get hit in the head or are involved in an accident you think may have caused a brain injury, there are numerous symptoms to watch for that could indicate a brain injury.

These could include:

  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Lost memories
  • Changes in mood
  • Depression
  • Lost coordination
  • Convulsions
  • Clear fluid draining from the nose or ears
  • Slurring words
  • Unusually aggressive behavior
  • Trouble waking up from sleep

Seek medical attention immediately if you experience these symptoms. Waiting to treat a brain injury could make it much worse and possibly result in lifelong complications or even your death.

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Have you suffered a brain injury that resulted from another’s negligence or carelessness?

You should strongly consider taking legal action to recover compensation for the medical bills and other financial problems that come from a brain injury. These costs can add up very quickly as you may need medical treatment and other interventions for an extended period of time. Skilled medical treatment could make a huge difference in your quality of life, and you will need a significant amount of money to pay for it.

Our Brunswick brain injury attorneys can discuss your options for pursuing compensation in a free, no obligation legal consultation. You will not owe us for our services unless you receive fair compensation.