What Should I Do After Being Injured in a Workplace Accident?

workplace injury claim formAfter being injured in a work-related accident, employees may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to pay for their medical expenses and partial lost wages.

However, it is in your best interest to remain proactive throughout the workers’ compensation process. Below, Roden Law’s Savannah workers’ compensation attorneys provide several steps you should take after suffering an injury at work.

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Tell Your Employer You Were Injured

You should report any workplace injury to your employer right away. Follow your company’s internal procedures for reporting. Employees usually have 10 days to make a report, but it is best to do so immediately.

Once your employer receives notice that you must miss three or more days of work due to your injury, your employer must submit an Employer’s First Report to the State Board of Workers’ Compensation. The report must be filed within 10 days. Once the report is filed, the statute of limitations for filing your workers’ compensation claim begins.

Seek Medical Treatment

Seek medical treatment for your workplace injury immediately. It is important that you always obtain medical care after a workplace injury, as your injury may be more serious than you are able to assess at the time.

You must choose an approved physician for treatment – you can obtain the names and contact information of approved physicians from your employer. If emergency care is required, any physician may be seen until the emergency is resolved.

Inform the physician that your injury happened on the job. Provide details of the incident as well as your symptoms, including pain and inability to perform tasks.

Obtaining medical care for your injuries assures you receive treatment required to begin your recovery. If your physician determines that your injury prevents you from performing typical work duties, he or she will inform your employer of the limitations you are experiencing.

File a Formal Injury Report

You must file a formal injury report with Georgia’s State Board of Workers’ Compensation within 30 days of acquiring your workplace injury. This is in addition to reporting the injury to your employer – you must file an official claim to protect your right to obtain workers’ compensation benefits.

File your claim by submitting a Notice of Claim using Form WC-14. After filing an injury report with the State Board, you must also send your employer and their workers’ compensation insurance provider a copy of the report.

If you fail to report your injury to the State Board of Workers’ Compensation within 30 days, you may sacrifice your right to benefits. If you were not paid weekly disability benefits, your report must be filed within one year of the date the injury occurred or your last workers’ compensation medical treatment. If you were paid benefits, your claim must be filed within two years of receiving your last payment.

Consult with an Attorney

If you sustained a workplace injury, it is important that you consult a skilled workers’ compensation attorney who can help you pursue benefits. Working with an attorney is especially important if you experienced any of the following:

  • Your injury stopped you from going back to work
  • Your claim is being disputed by your employer
  • The cost of your medical treatment was higher than expected
  • The settlement offered does not cover the full amount of your losses associated with the injury

An experienced workers’ compensation attorney will also help you determine if you may have a case against a third party. If a liable third party was involved in your workplace accident, you may be able to pursue additional compensation through a third-party personal injury claim.

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