Why You Should Request the Black Box Data After a Truck Crash

red semi truck on the road - why get black box data after a truck crash.Chances are, you have heard something about vehicle black boxes and what they do. You may also know that these data recorders are pretty commonplace in commercial trucks today. But, if you suffer injuries in a crash involving a truck, do you know why you should not wait to request access to that vehicle’s black box data?

Roden Law explains more about the black box data and why it is vital to a truck crash case and even the outcome of your claim. We also explain why you need to request this data quickly after a crash.

Our firm has been managing truck accident claims for decades, so we are very familiar with the unique challenges involved. We also recognize how truck accident cases are very different from claims involving smaller passenger vehicles.

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What Is the Black Box in a Big Rig, 18-Wheeler or Semi-Truck?

Most vehicles these days have a black box installed, including commercial trucks. The purpose of these black boxes, also called Event Data Recorders (EDR), is to track certain data. Black boxes only collect data when a vehicle is in motion and being driven. This data can provide key details about what a driver was doing leading up to a crash, which could help strengthen a claim against the liable party or parties.

What Type of Data Does a Truck’s Black Box Record?

A truck’s black box records several key pieces of information. While the data collected varies from one truck to another, it can provide clarity about a driver’s actions. This information can provide key evidence that could have a significant impact on the outcome of your case.

Data that is collected and stored in a truck’s black box may include:

  • Truck speed at the time of impact
  • Airbag deployment details
  • Braking details, including whether they were applied and when
  • Cruise control status at impact, including whether it was in use
  • Gear engagement details
  • Tire pressure levels, which could show if tires were over or under-inflated
  • GPS location coordinates at the time of the crash
  • Steering direction as the crash occurred
  • Sudden braking occurrences, if applicable
  • Truck driver’s acceleration or deceleration speeds
  • When the truck last stopped (which may indicate the driver’s last break)

Why You Should Quickly Request the Black Box Data After a Truck Crash

There is limited space on a truck’s black box event data recorder. Once that space is filled, older data begins to be overwritten. On average, data may get overwritten every three to four weeks or less.

To avoid losing critical data, you should contact a knowledgeable truck accident attorney right away. Your attorney can submit a request for this data to be preserved.

How Do I Get the Data From a Truck’s Black Box?

There are multiple ways to get the data. To access data from the EDR in your own vehicle, you do not need any special permissions. However, when requesting the data from the black box of another vehicle, you will either need permission from the truck owner or the trucking company. Alternatively, you could request a court order. However, this is not something you can wait to do. It should happen as soon after your truck crash as possible.

Can the Data Be Deleted By the Truck Owner or Trucking Company?

The data belongs to the truck owner or trucking company. Technically, this means that they may delete it, especially if there is a possibility it could lead to financial losses. However, data loss could happen accidentally, such as if the truck suffers catastrophic damage.

Once a court-ordered request is made for the data, it can no longer be deleted. Deleting or tampering data after receiving a legal request to preserve it is illegal. If no legal request is made, key details that could help an injury claim may be overwritten.

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