Can I Hire a New Lawyer During My Case?

man signing a documentIf you are unhappy with your current legal representative and are thinking about making the switch to a new lawyer, there are some important factors to consider.

First, you do have the right to choose who represents your interests during any legal process, including when you file a personal injury claim. However, there are times when it may be too late to switch.

Our personal injury lawyers in Savannah are prepared to review your claim during a free consultation to see what your legal options may be and to help you decide whether making the switch may be a good idea.

Common Reasons Injury Victims Want to Change Lawyers

Injury victims are looking for an attorney who will be honest and professional and keep them informed through the process. If an injury victim feels an attorney is not meeting those criteria, the victim may begin looking for another attorney.

Here are some of the most common reasons injury victims may begin looking for a new lawyer to represent them. 

Lack of Communication

It is important to note that you are probably not the attorney’s only client, so he or she may not always be immediately available. However, if your attorney fails to return your phone calls or respond to emails in a timely manner, it may be a red flag in terms of how well your interests are being represented.

Failure to Update You on the Case

One of the main reasons why regular communication with your attorney is so important is so you can stay updated on your case. Regular communication also allows you to keep your attorney updated on the progress of your treatment.

Failing to provide case updates to a client may show that the attorney is not doing the necessary work to move the case along. This can make clients feel like their case is not a priority.


You need an attorney with experience managing cases like yours, as it could be what makes or breaks your case. For example, if an attorney handling a hit-and-run claim has never handled a case like this before, he or she may not be prepared for the challenges and setbacks that may occur in these cases.


An attorney who does not speak to you in a professional manner fails to be on time for scheduled appointments or does not dress professionally may not instill a lot of confidence in his or her clients. They may think the attorney will treat legal proceedings and courtroom appearances in the same manner.

When Should I Switch Attorneys?

If you want to switch attorneys, you should do so as quickly as possible. If you wait too long, it could hurt your chances of recovering maximum compensation.

Additionally, the more work the first attorney does on your case, the more likely it is he or she may be able to place a lien on any compensation a new attorney recovers on your behalf.

Your new attorney may be able to dispute any potentially unfair liens the first attorney places on your compensation award.  

When Would I Not Be Able to Switch?

There are some situations when you might not be able to switch to a new attorney. If your case is too far along a new attorney may not take your case. For example, if a lawsuit has already been filed, it is unlikely another firm would take your case. The judge may also deny your request to change attorneys as it would delay a resolution of the claim.

If the attorney you wish to represent you has a conflict of interest, you may not be able to hand the case off to him or her. However, you may still be able to switch to someone else.

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You are likely wondering if you may be able to switch attorneys if you are unhappy with your current legal representation. The answer is most likely yes, but it is important to do so as soon as possible.

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