High-Risk Occupations in 2017

Many occupations endanger the lives and health of employees on a daily basis – yet somebody has to do them. Jobs from great heights, handling hazardous materials, and working with dangerous equipment are unfortunately an inescapable part of the modern world. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Georgia was the sixth deadliest state for on-the-job fatalities in 2015. Find out if your job is one of the high-risk job on this list:

High-Rise Window Washer

Washing the windows of an Atlanta skyscraper is one of the scariest jobs on the market. High-rise window washers work from scaffolding hundreds of feet in the air, using specialized tools and personal fall protection devices. Employees require special training to work high in the air on the outside of buildings, including proper scaffolding construction and how to secure materials to avoid falling debris.


Workers in the roofing business have to work high above the ground, but with the added risk of slanting surfaces. Although Occupational Safety and Health Administration rules require roofing contractors to wear the proper personal protection safety devices while working on roofs, falls are the leading cause of death in the construction industry. In 2014, 359 workers died from fall-related injuries. Roofers can prevent falls with the proper work attire and safety harnesses.

Construction Workers

Roofing isn’t the only type of construction job that’s high-risk. The construction industry is the most dangerous sector out there, responsible for hundreds of worker deaths every year. Construction workers are at risk of falls, getting struck by falling objects, collapsing structures, electrocutions, and injuries related to heavy machinery. On top of normal risks of construction worker accidents, construction workers must also worry about negligent drivers. Roadside construction workers run the added risk of getting struck by a vehicle.

Police Officer

One of the most high-risk occupations in Georgia is also one of the most thankless – law enforcement. Police officers put their lives at risk every day, mitigating dangerous situations and coming face-to-face with armed criminals. Law enforcement officials must undergo significant training to be able to handle the riskiest situations, such as police chases, shootouts, and bomb threats. Georgia’s police officers have to be in prime mental and physical condition to prevent personal injury. Unfortunately, some on-the-job injuries and deaths are unavoidable.


Much like police officers, Georgia’s firefighters go into work every day knowing it might be their last. Firefighters rush into burning buildings, putting others’ lives before their own. They save families and pets from deadly situations, knowing that at any moment the building could collapse around them. Firefighters are at risk of serious crush, burn, and smoke-related injuries at every call they receive.


Georgia’s famous peaches don’t cultivate themselves – they take hundreds of hard working, dedicated farmers. Unfortunately, farming is one of the most high-risk occupations in 2017. Despite technological advances and new safety features on farming equipment, farmers are still at risk of overturning tractors, getting their limbs caught in machinery, and getting run over by farm equipment. Not to mention animal-related risks many farmers face, such as getting trampled by cattle or thrown from horses.

Truck Driver

Georgia is a major trucking industry state, home to some of the country’s busiest interstates. Trucking is an essential industry for America’s economy, but it’s also one of the most dangerous. There were 182 accidents involving large trucks in Georgia in 2015, resulting in 26 truck driver fatalities. Truck drivers are at risk of major car accidents due to driver distraction, driving while intoxicated, and drowsy driving. Many trucking companies pressure their drivers to work long shifts to make it to their destinations on time, increasing the risk of tired driving and drug/alcohol use. Trucking isn’t just an occupation; it’s a way of life – and a dangerous one at that. If you have been injured as a truck driving, having a truck accident lawyer will be extremely beneficial.

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