College Campus Safety Tips Every Student Should Know

Going off to college can be intimidating, especially if it’s in a new city. Staying safe is the most important thing while adapting to a new place and a new routine. Unfortunately, accidents and injuries do occur so make sure that you have an experienced Savannah injury lawyer who handles campus injury and accident cases regularly to help you if your child is involved in an accident on campus that results in an accident. Even though campus accidents do happen, we can still make sure our children are as prepared as possible to help reduce the chances of this occurring.  If it’s your child’s first time on his or her own, here are eight important college campus safety tips to keep in mind.

Use the Buddy System

As often as possible when walking anywhere, especially at night, bring a buddy. There’s power in numbers, and a criminal is less likely to approach people walking in pairs or a group. If you’re walking somewhere unfamiliar, ask a friend to come along with you. Walking with someone will also reduce the chances of being involved in a pedestrian accident.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

What is the Number 1 way to avoid being a victim? Don’t appear to be an easy target. Easy targets walk while on their phones and don’t pay attention to their surroundings. When walking on campus, look around for suspicious people and activities at all times. Remain alert, and let anyone approaching you know you’re paying attention to their actions.

Take a Safe Route

Avoid walking around campus at night if possible. If you have to walk at night, take a well-lit path, preferably one with emergency stations on it. Look for street lamps and other lit paths, and stay where there are the most people. Don’t take dark, secluded roads where there aren’t any witnesses.

Don’t Give Out Personal Information

The pull to make new friends and be open about yourself in college is tempting, but you should do it with reservations. Never give out your dorm room number or exact address to a stranger. Have them meet you somewhere neutral first to see if they are trustworthy. Don’t give out personal details such as your last name, daily schedule, or anything else the person could use to track you down or go to your dorm room when you aren’t there.

Protect Your Property

Nobody invites criminal activity, but you can avoid making it easy for someone to commit a crime against you. Don’t leave your belongings alone in plain view, such as on a park bench or in the library. Keep your bags on you at all times. When you park your car, put everything valuable out of sight, in glove compartments or in the trunk. Lock your dorm room and car doors.

Travel Lightly

Avoid bringing cash or valuables whenever you can when you go the campus gym, café, library, or anywhere else. Don’t store valuables in on-campus lockers or leave your belongings under the assumption they will be safe on campus. The more things you have on your person while walking on campus, the more likely you are to be a target – especially if you have expensive watches, sunglasses, laptops, etc. in plain view.

Prevent Crime While Driving

When driving on or near campus, stay on well-traveled, lit roadways. Keep your doors locked, especially in crime-heavy neighborhoods. Make sure you have a working phone on you in case of an emergency. Never pick up hitchhikers. If someone is following your car, drive to the nearest police station. Before entering your vehicle, make sure no one is lying in the backseat or on the floorboards. Also have a plan of what to do if your car breaks down, and also know what steps to take if you are involved in an car accident on or near campus.

Report Suspicious Activity

If you ever see someone acting suspiciously, such as scoping out a dormitory he or she does not live in, or someone acting violently, report it to campus police immediately. If you ever feel unsafe or threatened, find a safe well-lit place and call the police. If someone is following you or makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t approach them.

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