Choosing the Right Nursing Home for Your Loved One

Deciding to place loved ones in a nursing home is never an easy choice, especially if they’re reluctant to go. Choosing the very best nursing home for their individual needs is the key to them accepting the decision, experiencing a fulfilling life, and finding peace and happiness in years to come.

Finding the right nursing home isn’t only about loved ones being happy, however. It’s largely about their safety and wellbeing during their time in the facility. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse and neglect does happen in Georgia.

How to Protect Your Loved Ones From Negligent Care

Trusting the care of your loved one to a stranger is a tough thing to accept. There’s sadly no guarantee that he or she will be treated with care, diligence, and respect, and the thought of anything less is intolerable. While you can’t be on the lookout for neglect and abuse 24/7, you can take measures to ensure your loved one is placed in the right nursing home.

When scoping out potential nursing homes, ask these questions:

  • How does the food taste? Is it palatable?
  • How does the staff address residents? Are they professional and considerate?
  • Are there unsettling smells that may be attributed to poor hygiene?
  • Does the staff look shorthanded or overworked?
  • Do they offer daily activities for residents?
  • Do you see suspicious bruising, such as finger-shaped marks, on residents?
  • Are there unexplained bedsores?
  • Are all personal care needs being met?

Before placing your loved one in a nursing home, conduct a thorough investigation of the residence. Speak with staff members, managers, and current residents if possible. Be a keen observer of daily goings-on, including looking at how the staff talks to each other. If staff members seem frustrated or rude, they probably treat residents the same way.

Once you’ve placed your loved one in a suitable home, your responsibilities don’t end there. Every resident in a nursing home deserves his or her own advocate. If you’re that person for a loved one, consistently keep in contact with your loved one and his or her care providers to ensure all their needs are fully met.

It is also important to look out for signs that your loved one is being treated appropriately and is not being put in harms way. One of the most important things to look for when visiting your loved one at the nursing home is for any signs of potential injuries that your loved one may have suffered from while in the nursing home’s care. Here is a short list of some of the more common injuries and accidents that commonly occur at some nursing homes:

If your loved one is confined to bed but isn’t refusing food and seems to be active, ask why the healthcare provider chose this solution. If he or she must stay in bed, make sure your loved one is properly rotated to avoid bedsores and is given ample opportunity to engage in activities from his or her bed.

Be wary of negligent behavior. Even small oversights can be red flags for larger issues. There should be no such cap on how often residents are changed and cleaned; negligence like this can lead to infections and festering wounds.

What to Do in Case of Neglect or Abuse

If you see any signs that your loved one isn’t receiving proper care or attention in a nursing home facility, call an experienced lawyer. Our Savannah nursing home abuse and neglect attorneys represent those harmed by misconduct and those who can’t defend themselves.

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