Troubled Teen Industry Abuse

Some teens lose their way and get involved in crime, violence and other serious problems. Often the parents of these troubled teens have no idea what to do to help their children turn their lives around.

Out of sheer desperation, many parents sought out boarding schools that promised behavioral reformation. Unfortunately, many of these institutions exposed teens to verbal, physical and sexual abuse. Instead of reforming them, they traumatized them.

If you are a survivor of the troubled teen industry or have a family member who survived child abuse at one of these boarding schools, you may have legal options.

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What Is the Troubled Teen Industry?

The “troubled teen industry” refers to a range of programs and facilities intended to reform, rehabilitate or provide therapy to adolescents who are considered troubled or at-risk. This includes therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment centers, wilderness therapy programs, boot camps and behavior modification facilities. These programs often target teenagers with a variety of behavioral issues, including substance abuse, behavioral disorders and mental health challenges.

Critics of the troubled teen industry argue that these programs often lack proper regulation, transparency, and oversight. There have been numerous reports and allegations of abuse, neglect and unethical practices within some of these facilities. Concerns also revolve around the methods of discipline and control used, which can include severe punishments, isolation and physical restraint.

Proponents, however, claim that these programs provide structured environments and specialized care that can help teens who haven’t responded to traditional forms of discipline or therapy. They argue that the structure and therapy provided in these settings can significantly improve behavior and emotional well-being.

The industry has faced significant scrutiny and calls for reform, with various advocacy groups and former participants pushing for better regulations and oversight to protect the welfare of the teenagers involved.

How Do Young People End Up in the Troubled Teen Industry?

For parents, reform institutions or boarding schools were often a final act of desperation. Sometimes parents had their children “snatched” in the middle of the night. In other situations, state and local government agencies paid these schools to take troubled teens off their hands. School districts can also place children in certain individualized education programs. These programs may also accept youth from mental health providers or refugee resettlement agencies.

Can Victims Abused in the Troubled Teen Industry Seek Compensation for Their Damages?

It may be possible to seek compensation against the institutions and/or individuals who perpetrated abuse and other damages against you or your loved one. These cases are not simple or straightforward, however. In many cases, the statute of limitations may have expired or be close to expiring.

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What Are the Allegations Being Stated in These Lawsuits?

Many of these institutions failed to rehabilitate or reform the youth in their care. Rather they employed tactics that did more harm than good.

Accusations against many of these institutions include:

  • Physical abuse/beating
  • Psychological torment and humiliation
  • Starvation
  • Isolation
  • Rape
  • Murder
  • Neglect
  • Deceptive marketing
  • Chemical restraints
  • Hard labor

These allegations were exposed by many of the youth who experienced and survived the physical, mental and psychological damage they suffered.

If you or a loved one endured this type of abuse at a reform school, boarding school or other similar institution, you may be eligible to recover compensation. Contact our law offices to discuss your situation with a compassionate and knowledgeable attorney at Roden Law.

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What Are the Long-Term Effects of Troubled Teen Industry Abuse?

Many teen survivors from these so-called reform boarding schools suffer from long-term damages, including:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): Whether a teen suffered emotional, psychological, physical or sexual abuse at these schools, the damage is often long-term. Victims may suffer from flashbacks, causing them to relive the horror they experienced over and over again.
  • Substance abuse: Studies show there is a link between those who suffer sexual abuse and later struggle with substance abuse addictions. Often victims may use drugs or alcohol to numb their pain or help them forget what happened to them.
  • Depression and anxiety: Physical or sexual abuse can cause these and other severe psychological issues.
  • Eating disorders: According to Psychology Today, an astonishing 30 to 65 percent of victims who suffered sexual abuse as a child or young teen suffer from anorexia.

Why Should Troubled or Exploited Teens Contact a Lawyer for Legal Help?

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