What You Should Consider Before Settling a Personal Injury Claim

Man in business suit with folded hands on table Insurance companies are often quick to offer a settlement check to victims of personal injury cases in hopes that they do not have to pay out more than what the claim is worth.

Before you decide to agree to this offer from the insurance company, there are several factors to consider. One of which is whether you have spoken to a lawyer.

If you are thinking about accepting a settlement offer from the insurance company, call our Brunswick personal injury lawyers today to discuss your case and see how we may be able to help you maximize your compensation.

Have Your Future Medical Expenses Been Considered?

One of the most important factors to consider before accepting a settlement offer from the insurance company is whether your future medical expenses are included in the offer.

Most insurance companies do not factor in these future costs. While it may seem like a simple oversight, it is actually a tactic used by the insurance company to try to avoid paying the full value of a claim. This is because they often count on injury victims not knowing or understanding how the value of their case is calculated.

Our attorneys can help you review your current medical bills and any potential future costs for medical treatments, depending on the prognosis of your injuries from your doctors. Some injuries may require multiple surgeries, in-home medical care, monthly doctor’s visits and more. These are all costs that our attorneys are prepared to review to help you recover what you need for current and future medical costs.

Does the Settlement Offer Include Non-Economic Damages?

Injury victims often suffer more than just physical injuries. Sometimes, an accident and the resulting injuries cause serious emotional distress that could have negative effects on a person’s life. That is why injury victims may pursue compensation for pain and suffering damages.

When the insurance company offers a settlement to resolve a claim, they rarely include non-economic damages. If they do, it is usually not the full value of the pain and suffering you were subjected to.

There are still ways to prove emotional damages, including if you had to see a mental health specialist after your accident. Our attorneys have the resources available to help prove your emotional damages so you may be able to recover the full value of your pain and suffering compensation.

Do You Understand All Available Options?

Most insurers make a settlement offer and lead injury victims to believe that the only way to resolve the case is by accepting it. In reality, there may be other options for resolving a dispute, including filing a lawsuit, settling through mediation or having an arbitration hearing.

Remember, before deciding whether to file a lawsuit, you should try to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company. If the insurance company fails to cooperate and denies the claim or makes lowball offers, you should speak to our attorneys about your legal options.

It is important to note that the insurance company is going to try hard to avoid going to court, so if you file a lawsuit, it may prove to them that you are serious about your case, and this may open the door to negotiations and a better settlement offer. Filing a lawsuit does not always mean you will end up in court.

Speak to a Lawyer Before Settling. Call Us Today

After an accident, the insurance company is likely to offer you a settlement before you know the full extent of your injuries and what your prognosis for returning to a pre-accident lifestyle will be.

While it may seem tempting to accept the offer, it is important to speak to a lawyer to consider all your legal options for recovering the full value of your claim.  

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