Tips for Driving Safely Near Roadway Construction

highway construction areaThere are construction zones on roadways throughout Georgia and the Savannah area. These areas are dangerous for workers and drivers who are passing through. According to the Federal Highway Administration, between 2010 and 2014, 4,400 people died and 200,000 suffered injuries in work zones. Drivers were the ones who died the most frequently in construction zones.

At Roden Law, our Savannah car accident attorneys are dedicated to helping car accident victims. If you were injured in a construction site accident, our experienced attorneys can discuss your legal options for recovery during a free consultation. We have also prepared the list of tips below to help you avoid a crash while driving near roadway construction.

Stay Alert

When driving, pay attention to signs around you. Diamond-shaped orange warning signs are usually near road construction projects. Look out for these signs so that you can adjust your speed and be aware of approaching construction zones. Be on the lookout for workers, machinery and roadside obstacles in these areas.

Drive Slow

While most roads leading up to highway construction areas have posted speed limits of 55 miles per hour, plan on drastically reducing your speed when you come to the construction zone. Look out for construction area signs so that you can slow down in time.

If you are traveling 60 miles per hour, you will get to a construction zone in 1,500 feet within 17 seconds, so start slowing down immediately. Speeding through a construction zone will give you less time to react and increases the severity of an accident. Also, speeding is expensive because tickets are usually doubled in construction zones.

Comply with Directions

In construction zones, traffic may be rerouted. Orange cones or barrels may direct the flow of traffic in these areas. A flagger may indicate where to go or whether to stop. If a flagger is present, his or her instructions supersede any other posted signs. Look for “flagger ahead” signs to anticipate his or her presence. You should also make sure to drive as far away from the flagger as possible.

Do Not Pass Other Drivers

Do not pass other drivers when driving through construction zones. You may collide with oncoming traffic, a worker or construction machinery. Wait to pass until you have completely cleared the construction zone.

Avoid Distractions

It is important that your full attention is dedicated to driving, especially when traveling through construction zones. Avoid the following distractions:

  • Talking on your cellphone
  • Texting
  • Adjusting a GPS system
  • Changing the radio
  • Eating
  • Drinking
  • Noise from children or passengers in your vehicle

Anticipate Others’ Actions

Be aware of the actions of others while traveling through construction zones. Watch for brake lights and turning signals. Other vehicles may slow or stop, so be prepared to quickly react. Maintain a low speed and keep a watchful eye to anticipate the actions of other motorists. Also, be on the lookout for construction workers and equipment coming into your lane.

Drive Defensively

Expect the unexpected. Look well ahead of you and monitor the actions of other motorists. Lanes may change or narrow through construction zones. Workers may suddenly emerge onto the roadway or a slow-moving construction vehicle may get in your lane.

Give other motorists in front of you plenty of space. Leave at least seven seconds of space between you and the vehicle in front of you. Also, keep a safe distance between you and traffic barriers, construction workers and equipment.

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