Should I Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

injured construction worker in yellow vestWorkers’ compensation benefits may be available to you if you were injured at work or diagnosed with a work-related medical condition. Unfortunately, workers’ compensation claims can be complicated. This is why working with an experienced attorney could be to your benefit.

Our Savannah workers’ compensation attorneys are prepared to fight to secure the compensation you deserve for your workplace injury. We can guide you through the process and gather the evidence needed to support your claim. Contact us today for a free, no obligation legal consultation.

What Will a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Do for Me?

There are many ways a workers’ compensation lawyer can help you in the complex workers’ compensation process, including:

  • Managing the details – Strict requirements must be met when filing a workers’ compensation claim, and it is easy to miss deadlines and details if you are not familiar with the process. An attorney can help ensure your Savannah personal injury or illness is reported within the 30-day limit (from the date of occurrence or date of diagnosis by a physician) and all necessary forms are completed and submitted.
  • Supporting your claim – An attorney knows what evidence is needed to support claims of workplace injuries or illnesses. He or she will investigate your claim and gather the evidence needed to attempt to prove your illness or injury is related to your employment. Evidence may include medical records, witness interviews, accident reports or other materials.
  • Negotiating a settlement – Attorneys know how to accurately value your claim and will consider past, present and future damages when determining a fair settlement amount. Your lawyer will negotiate with insurers on your behalf, working to secure a settlement that covers your expenses.
  • Representing you in court – If a third-party lawsuit is appropriate in your case, an attorney will represent you during a trial to help secure the compensation you deserve for your injuries. A third-party lawsuit is a lawsuit against an entity other than your employer that played a role in you suffering an injury. For example, if a general contractor was managing the construction site where your injury took place, the contractor could be held liable for your injury.
  • Navigating the appeals process – Should your workers’ compensation claim be denied, a knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney knows the appeals process and will guide you through all steps, including hearings before the Workers’ Compensation Commission. Your attorney will file documents by deadlines to ensure all evidence is considered for your appeal.

Is a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Necessary in My Case?

Some workers’ compensation cases are cut and dry and can be resolved without difficulty. However, it is usually in your best interest to work with an attorney, particularly if your situation is complicated. A skilled workers’ compensation attorney has experience with the workers’ compensation system and can guide you through complex situations such as:

  • Denied claims – A workers’ compensation claim may be denied for several reasons. The insurer may claim your illness or injury is pre-existing and not related to your employment, your condition is not severe enough to qualify for benefits, or the injury did not take place at work during the performance of normal work tasks.
  • Low settlements – Insurers may offer a settlement that is not enough to cover the damages caused by your injury. An attorney will work to accurately value your claim and negotiate a settlement that compensates you fairly for lost wages and medical expenses.
  • Inability to return to work – If your injury or illness prevents you from returning to work or performing your normal work duties, your workers’ compensation attorney will work to support your claim of temporary or permanent disability so you qualify for benefits.
  • Retaliation – If your employer retaliated against you because you filed a workers’ compensation claim, your attorney can work to protect your interests and keep this illegal retaliation from affecting you at work now or in the future. Retaliation includes physical or verbal abuse, termination, demotion, or receiving unfair or negative evaluations.
  • Claim appeals – If you wish to appeal a workers’ compensation decision, an attorney will work to dispute the decision and fight for fair benefits in your case.

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