What Evidence is Useful in a Car Accident Claim?

rear-end car crashWhen pursuing compensation for a car accident, evidence is used in many ways to help support your claim. It is important to collect useful evidence that will provide necessary information to build a strong case for compensation of your injuries.

Our Macon car accident lawyers discuss why evidence is important and what types of evidence are useful in car accident claims. Request a free, no obligation consultation today and learn what legal options may be available in your case.

Why is it Important to Have Evidence?

In car accident claims, evidence is critical because the burden of proof is on you, the claimant, not the insurance company. This means it is your duty to prove the other driver was at fault for your accident and that you suffered injuries and damages from his or her negligence.

Evidence is what helps you substantiate your claims. The right evidence will help prove the other driver was responsible for the accident and therefore your injuries, as well as the extent of the injuries you suffered.

Photo Evidence

Photo evidence is important in showing how an accident occurred as well as which party was at fault. The following photos of the accident scene can help you build a strong case:

  • Vehicle damage including external damage on both vehicles and internal damage on your vehicle
  • The vehicles’ positions immediately after the crash
  • Road conditions
  • Weather conditions
  • Lighting
  • Traffic signs or signals
  • Debris or damage to the road from the accident, such as skid marks
  • Your injuries

Witness Testimony

Witnesses to your accident can provide unbiased accounts of what took place, helping you prove the other party’s fault. Gather names and contact information of any witnesses at the accident scene. If your injuries prevent you from staying at the scene, ask someone who will remain there to collect witness information. An attorney can also assist you in finding witnesses to your accident and collecting their testimony.

Police Report

If a law enforcement officer responded to your accident, an official accident report will be created. This is public record and you can obtain a copy from the appropriate police station.

The police report will include the officer’s observations of the accident scene, results of his or her investigation as well as which party the officer believes to be at fault for the accident.

Traffic Camera Video

If your accident happened near an intersection or area with a traffic signal, cameras may have caught footage of the incident. Traffic cameras not only show exactly what took place, but the date and time as well as what occurred immediately after your accident.

Obtaining traffic camera video can be difficult. An attorney can assist in tracking down video sources and obtaining footage valuable to your case.

Black Box Data

Many vehicles now have event data recording devices, also known as “black boxes”. These devices record several types of data that can be used to prove liability in a car accident, such as:

  • Vehicle speed
  • Engine speed
  • Steering angles
  • Throttle position
  • Brake application
  • Airbag deployment

Medical Records

Your medical records will provide information about the injuries you sustain in the accident. Visiting a doctor immediately following your accident will document your injuries and connect them to the collision.

After you receive medical treatment, request copies of your medical records, X-rays, and medical tests you underwent to diagnose or treat your injuries.

Keep copies of all your medical expenses to help quantify the cost of your damages. Expenses you should track include:

  • Medical bills
  • Prescription medications
  • Medical assistive equipment
  • Cost of travel to and from doctors’ appointments

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